Top 3 Green Coffee Makers

We all know that coffee makers are some of the most popular appliances that can be found in every kitchen. Whether at home or at the office, a coffee maker is used more than any other device. These days, when most people prefer eco-friendly products, a few companies try to promote the eco-impact of their coffee making machines. Keep on reading if you want to find more about top 3 green coffee makers.

DeLonghi Icona Eco 310

The DeLonghi coffee maker is an inexpensive and versatile appliance. You can find it in the markets available in three colors such as red, white and black. It’s easy to use and provide you with an amazing coffee. Moreover, if you are thinking about buying this type of coffee machine, you should know that it comes with a great design and some innovative features. It has a removable drip tray which can be easily clean in your dishwasher and a water reservoir. Moreover, it has a nice handle which will help you with the removal.

Bistro Electric French Press

The Bistro Electric coffee maker is preferred by plenty of people due to its high quality. Despite being plastic, it has strong components which provide it with durability. Moreover, it has an interesting design and each piece fits exactly where it is intended to go. By using this type of coffee maker, you can produce about 4 cups of coffee. Furthermore, it has a compact design so it won’t take up too much space. On the other hand, if you consider buying a Bistro Electric French Press, you must know that it’s a bit expensive for what it does.

DeLonghi Kmix Drip

Most people choose this type of coffee machine due to its quality, functionality, and design. Moreover, DeLonghi Kmix Drip is one of the most efficient devices on the market. It has the ability to provide you with 5 cups of good coffee. Furthermore, this appliance is made of die-cast aluminum and it comes with a permanent filter made of nylon which can easily be clean and reuse. It also has an automatic shut-off capability, which is extremely useful for those people with hurried mornings or might forget.

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