Simple Ways to Reduce Your Plastic Waste

These days, plastic can be found in everything. From food to hygiene products are packaged with it. While most plastics can be recyclable, you can also find some types of plastics which are ”downcycled”. For example, the plastic milk carton will never be recycled into another carton. Moreover, you can choose to use products without any plastic parts. For example, you can opt for an electric shaver instead of disposable razors. We all know that plastic is a big problem for the environment because this plastic waste ends up in rivers, oceans, and landfills. This way it contributes to environmental damage. Luckily, there are some simple ways to reduce the amount of your plastic waste.

Use your own shopping bags

By using your own shopping bags, you can reduce the plastic waste. One single plastic bag will take 1000 years to degrade and people are using these days, about 1 million plastic bags every minute. A such, the best option is to use some reusable bags from the grocery store. Moreover, it’s recommended to avoid bags made from polyester and nylon due to their plastic composition. Opt just for cotton bags.

Stop using bottled water

It’s good to know that plastic water bottles have an important role in reducing waste. In fact, bottled water produces about 1 million tons of plastic waste per year. Moreover, just a part of these plastic water bottles will be recycled and the other part will end up in oceans or landfills. However, it’s a good idea to refill a reusable bottle so you can protect the environment from plastic waste. Moreover, there are some companies which advise their employees to bring reusable cups for coffee and ask the barista to fill them up. Furthermore, you can bring your own thermos to the coffee shop.

Give up gum

Chewing gum was actually a natural rubber, made from chicle which is a tree sap. This type of gum was a natural product until some specialists have created other types of rubbers such as polyethylene, polyvinyl acetate, and synthetic rubbers. All these ingredients start to replace the natural rubber in most gum. Nowadays, you are not only chewing on plastic, you may also chewing on toxic plastic because polyvinyl acetate is using vinyl acetate which is a chemical shown to cause tumors in lab rats.

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