Renewable Energy Sources for a Green Home

Electricity powers the majority of devices that surround us and is one of the major matters of interest regarding a household because its costs can reach high levels. Besides, the environmental impact of appliances that waste energy is huge which is why people interested in turning their home into a green one are considering renewable energy sources such as the ones below.

Solar panels

As you might guess, these panels use the light they get from the sun to create electricity that your household appliances can feed on. Also known as photovoltaic panels, these devices get installed on rooftops so they are able to capture plenty of sunlight that is later turned into electricity. The fact they require sunlight doesn’t mean that they only work in the summer when the sun shines bright but they are also functional in seasons with less sun as they capture every drop of light they can get. The energy created by solar panels can power any appliance in your house, including the developed heating or cooling systems.

Wind turbines

Another option are the wind turbines that use the power of wind to create enough electricity to power an entire house. These work for homes built in areas with strong wind resources and they can reduce the energy consumption by 90 percent as long as they are installed properly. A wind energy system is more complicates than the solar one and needs more maintenance, which is why it’s not as popular but the interest in it is increasing. The performance of the system depends on the speed of the wind and the number of turbines installed so it requires more care in the planning stage.

Micro hydro electricity

If your house is located near a moving water, you can easily benefit from electricity created by it. The hydro system consists of a pipe that takes the moving water to a turbine that is moved in order to create electricity to power a house. If the water circuit is fast, this renewable energy source can be more efficient that the solar and wind systems and its biggest advantage is that it can work around the clock as long as the water flows.


Your green home can be powered by biomass, a type of energy created using wood chips that power a stove that offers energy in return. It is one of the oldest types of renewable energy sources and although burning the chips does send some carbon dioxide into the air, the amounts are a lot smaller than in other types of systems.

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