Proven Solutions to Drive Away Pollution from Your Home

Indoor pollution is starting to become worrying because it not only alters the quality of your living but also puts your health at risk. Believe it or not, there are so many indoor air pollutants wandering in your house, that you should consider finding a solution to rid them. The ones we have for you are proven to be efficient in driving away pollution at home, so they are worth your attention.

The air purifier

The top answer to pollution problems is the air purifier that has been specially designed to filter the air and capture the impurities in it. Great air purifiers with a HEPA filter can retain even the smallest air particles and can improve the air quality up to 99%. They are efficient in removing dust, pet hair and dander, pollen, bacteria, and germs in the air so you will enjoy a cleaner home.

Floor cleaning

Many of the impurities that reach the air come from the floor as you walk and raise them from the ground so a clean floor can contribute to maintaining a clean indoor air. Dust bunnies are those small piles of dust mixed with chemicals, hair, pet dander, and dirt that can be extremely dangerous if not removed from the floors. A good vacuum or a robot vacuum that can reach even the narrowest corners can absorb dust bunnies so the floors will remain clean.

No smoking home

One of the main indoor air pollutants is cigarette smoke because people think that it goes away fast and doesn’t add to the air impurities. For your information, cigarette smoke contains numerous toxins like benzene and carbon monoxide that make the air feel dirty so you should ban smoking from your home. If you are a smoker, try to smoke on the balcony so you won’t send the toxins into your house.

Minimize clutter

Having too many stuff in your home increases the risk of pollution because clutter collects dust and causes mildew to develop. Even the carpets and curtains contribute to indoor pollution, not to mention trinkets and useless items that become the perfect environment for mites and bacteria. Clean homes are less likely to have pollution problems because prevention is the best way to drive pollution away from your home.

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