How to Make Your Tap Water Healthier

Dirty tap water is a common problem found in many households due to the fact that the municipality and the authorities in charge don’t manage to provide the population with clean and healthy tap water. Therefore, it is up to the people to get clean water that is free of residues and contaminants and the following methods can help them achieve their purpose.

Boil the water to remove bacteria

One simple way to make sure you drink safe water from your tap is to boil it. At high temperatures, most of the bacteria and germs in the water disappear into the steam so all that remains is clean and healthy water that is more appropriate for drinking or cooking. Many moms choose to give their kids boiled and cooled water because it’s much safer than when it ran from the tap. However, the minerals and heavy metals in the water are not affected by boiling so they are still there and need to be removed in another way.

Try a water filter

Nevertheless, the best method to make tap water healthier is to use a water filter that can retain even the smallest particles in the water. The membrane of the filter is so dense that no impurity can go through it as water passes through which means that the water resulted is cleaner and free of dangerous impurities. Water filters of various types can handle a wide range of water contaminants including the harmful chlorine, heavy metals like lead or iron, bacteria, and cysts that can cause allergies and digestive problems. The efficiency of the filter depends on its type and the most recommended is the activated carbon one combined with the reverse osmosis that can handle up to 99% of the water contaminants.

Turn tap water into alkaline water

If you have heard about the benefits of alkaline water on your health, you will be happy to know that you can turn tap water into alkaline water that can adjust your body’s acidic level and ensures a better hydration. The water ionizer is the device that takes tap water right from the tap, takes it through an electrolysis chamber that adds it ions, and releases alkaline water into your glass. As simple as that, you can enjoy healthy alkaline water at home without having to spend a lot of money on bottled alkaline water.

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