How to Design a Green Home Gym

To live a long, quality life, you must make exercise a part of your daily routine. If you want to have the perfect body and maintain a good health, you need to create a home gym. Otherwise, you won’t be able to workout daily. If you were thinking about going to a gym, you will surely give up after some time or you won’t go daily because of the inconvenience and waste of time. Also, you might consider that jogging outdoors is the perfect solution, but when it rains or snows, you won’t be able to run. Therefore, the optimal solution is a home gym. If you lead an Eco-friendly lifestyle and you want to learn how to design a green gym that will provide everything you need while protecting the environment, read the following lines.

Green CIR-TM8000-G treadmill

A treadmill is necessary for a home gym because it provides the ultimate cardio workout. But if you plan on designing a green gym, we advise you to buy the Green CIR-TM8000-G model. It might come at the price of $10000, but you can find it on sale at a cheaper price as well. After all, it’s worth the money considering the fact that it’s a green fitness equipment. The meticulously crafted treadmill is an environmentally friendly choice to go with due to the fact that it uses the powerful 6 HP NextGen III Eco-Drive System that delivers high efficiency without sacrificing torque. Running on this treadmill can be very fun due to the fact that it features an intuitive 19-inch LED console with a USB charging station and tablet holder. It reduces stress on your joints and knees when you use it due to the smooth deck shock absorption system that delivers a flexible and stable running surface. In addition, the premium lubricant infused running belt provides long-lasting reliability.
To make your workout on this treadmill more efficient, you should wear weighted clothing when you run on it. When buying the weighted clothing, make sure that it’s made with Eco-friendly materials. The weighted clothing that we recommend you to buy in order to have better results with running on this fitness equipment are a weighted vest and weighted gloves.

WaterRower GX Home rowing machine

Another mandatory addition to a green home gym is the WaterRower GX Home rowing machine. It comes at the price of $945. The wood rowing machine offers superior sound and vibration absorption capabilities, allowing you to use it more efficiently. What makes it green is the fact that the wood used in its production comes from replenishable forests. The compact footprint ensures that it won’t occupy a lot of space. It offers a complete and effective workout. In addition, this water resistance rowing machine doesn’t have any running costs, meaning that you can use it whenever you want without worrying about the bills.

Green CIR-RB7000-G1 recumbent bike

To complete your green home gym, we recommend that you buy the Green CIR-RB7000-G1 recumbent bike for the price of $4200. This cordless self-powered green fitness equipment will help you stay in shape without consuming energy at all to work. It comes with a 16-inch LED console display that features a tablet holder. The adjustable straps and over-sized pedals make it perfect for people of all body types. It offers over 20 programs that you can choose from. In addition, the anti-corrosion coating ensures superior protection. Therefore, this recumbent bike is a long lasting investment to go with.

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