How to Cool Your Home without an A.C. Unit

Getting through a hot summer without turning on the A.C unit could seem impossible but we can certify that it’s not as long as you know some simple tricks that can keep the air cool. Given the high electricity consumption of the A.C., you might want to take a look at our air cooling solutions and apply them to your house.

Keep the house shady

The first thing you need to do in order to avoid turning the A.C. unit on is to prevent the heat from coming into your house by keeping shade. Close the windows when the outdoor temperatures get very high and keep the curtains drawn so sunlight and heat won’t come into your home. Although you might want to ventilate the house, it’s best to do this in the morning when the temperatures are lower and the air is cleaner.

Lower the humidity level

If the air is too humid, it will feel much hotter than it really is because air humidity adds to the discomfort of hot days. The air humidity can increase for various reasons and it’s hard to sense the differences unless you have a humidistat to warn you of a high level. To feel better at home, use a dehumidifier because it can reduce the air humidity by half, as shown at, which will result in a more comfortable environment without the suffocating feeling you get when the air is very moist. This device will absorb the excess water vapors from the air so you will feel cooler without having to use the air conditioner.

Turn on a fan

A fan can cool the air almost as well as the AC and the electricity it uses is significantly less so you will manage to save some money on the electricity bill. The tower fan is a great option that can spread cool air on a wider surface thanks to the oscillating feature and the multiple blades placed along the tall housing. The best part is that you can slide it into any corner so you can keep it close to you and enjoy its cool breeze.

Don’t use your appliances

It’s known that appliances create heat while running so you can consider turning them off during the day so they won’t add warmth to the air. The TVs and computers make the most heat and you can keep them turned off unless you really need them. The incandescent lights also increase the air temperature and the more advisable version would be the LED bulbs. More important, don’t use the stove and oven during the day or you will feel extremely hot. If possible, opt for outdoor cooking on a gas grill that doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable.

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