Green Home Heating Solutions

Regardless how expensive and consuming it is, home heating is essential in any home if you want to maintain a high level of comfort. Still, this doesn’t take away the fact that it’s very harmful to the environment and that it would be best to pay more attention to choosing the right heating system for your home. Take a look at the green home heating solutions we offer and discover more convenient and eco-friendly ways to create a warm ambient at home.

Programmable thermostats

If you already have a heating system at home and you don’t want to replace it for various reasons, you can minimize its consumption by connecting it to a thermostat. This device will monitor the air temperature and will allow you to set the temperature to a certain level while the heating system to work until the desired level is reached. This will considerably minimize the electricity consumption as the system will not work continuously without having to.

Infrared heaters

Instead of going for a gas heater that adds carbon monoxide to the air and contributes to air pollution, opt for an infrared heater that is more economical and caring to the environment. Infrared heaters create a warmth that feels like sun warmth because it radiates infrared light that is absorbed by your body for the ultimate feeling of warmth. The radiations are not dangerous in any way and they don’t temper with the quality of the air as no harmful toxins are released. Infrared use less electricity because once they manage to heat the objects in the room, and not the air, the built-in thermostat turns them off so there is no energy waste.


This type of home heating is based on biodiesel and it represents an inexpensive way to heat your home while reducing the environmental impact. It can be used to power several heating systems and the result will be fewer emissions of nitrogen oxide, carbon dioxide, and sulfur oxide into the air. It is starting to become increasingly popular so if you are interested in it, you can find companies that can offer you such a heating option.

Heat pumps

Although not very popular, these pumps can become a great way to heat your home without damaging the environment. Heat pumps take geothermal energy or solar heat and transfer it into your home without using a boiler or furnace. You can connect heat pumps to a renewable energy source like wind turbines or solar panels and are very easy to build, being the perfect way to create heat without creating harmful emissions.

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