Cool Solar Powered Gadgets

Solar power is the ultimate green alternative to go with, providing more sustainable energy. Unfortunately, due to the high prices of solar panels, not a lot of people can afford to mount solar panels on their homes. But if you don’t have the money for solar panels, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use the power of the sun at all. If you want to find out what are some of the coolest solar powered gadgets on the market, read the following lines.

Whistler XTR-185 cordless radar detector

To prevent taking speeding tickets in the greenest way possible, use the Whistler XTR-185 solar powered radar detector. This impressive solar powered gadget comes at the price of $140. It offers 360-degree protection against all types of laser radars. Therefore, you won’t be caught speeding by the police if you use it. Due to the fact that it is cordless, it won’t bother you while you’re driving, and it’s portable as well. It features three city modes and a highway mode. Also, it features a useful signal strength indicator.

Wanscam HW0029 outdoor security camera

Another cool solar powered gadget that you need is the Wanscam HW0029 outdoor security camera. This outdoor solar powered security camera comes at the reasonable price of $240. It comes with a battery that provides an energy back-up for another 26 hours in case there is no sun to power the security camera. It’s compatible with smartphones that have the iOS and Android operating systems, allowing you to check what the camera is recording remotely. It streams in 720p. In addition, it features motion detection, ensuring that no trespasser will escape the camera’s vigilant eye.

Brinks Array smart door lock

Last on our list comes the Brinks Array solar powered smart door lock. While this cool solar powered gadget hasn’t been released yet, there is little time left until it will reach the stores, more precisely at the end of 2016. A solar panel is mounted at the top of this smart door lock, allowing it to operate without costing you anything. In addition, the compatibility of this smart door lock with Apple devices will allow you to track who entered your home, and you will be able to designate temporary door keys as well.

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